KR + DE, 2018, 6’
English subtitles
D: Nils Clauss, Neil Dowling

“If…” explores the creativity of a group of children from all over the world as they respond to the cityscapes they inhabit. In asking what they would do differently and how they express themselves creatively we go on a fantastic journey of the imagination, that touches on many different aspects of their lives.

IL, 2016, 2’
D: Tal Granot

Growing up in suburban environment, my native architectural experience was defined by over-planned but yet chaotic territories. I ask to find the narrow crack between the defined spaces, constructing new narratives to exist in.

IT, 2018, 18’
Language: Italian with English subtitles
D: Arianna Lodeserto

The main and persistent problem of Rome is housing. But what is this city made of? Who gets left out? And why does every witness to the changes of Rome continue to state “I don’t understand this city”? What are the needs that still need expressing? That must yet be shouted from the rooftops? The archives respond. The archives reassert.

AM, 2018, 20’
Language: Armenian with English subtitles
D: Tatevik Vardanyan

The short film features a district in Yerevan, Armenia, where the legacy of the Soviet Union still occupies the minds and daily lives of the residents living in these huge unfinished monolithic structures built to write the letters CCCP.

US+BG, 2016, 18’
Language: Bulgarian with English subtitles
D: Kay Hannahan

Altimir explores life in one of Bulgaria’s disappearing villages, haunted by the promises of communism and capitalism.

NL, 2008, 5’
D: Simone Hooymans

From a sea full of icebergs tinkling rising green hills. Winding roads and a forest of scaffolding overgrow the virgin landscape. There stands the city, dark and unapproachable. But when night falls and the lights turn on, the water returns. Manufacturability is overtaken by transformation.

IR, 2018, 9’
D: Farkhondeh Torabi

Original, charming animated short from Iran about a family seeking to relocate after seeing a new house on television. The empty promises about dream houses are similar all around the world.

LB, 2018, 20’
Language: Arabic with Englich subtitles
D: Firas El Hallak

Ghazze houses roughly 10.000 Lebanese inhabitants and between 15.000 to 20.000 Syrian refugees. The town hosts multiple tented settlements to house these refugees. The relationships between the Lebanese and Syrian communities are strained. Nowhere is this more visible than in the large, central park of town; the only large public space in town.

JP, 2018, 2’
Language: English
D: Michael Lyons

A poetic look, filmed in Super 8 over three days, at a skylight in Porto.

NL, 2018, 6’
D: From form

Await is a visual essay about the transformation of grief. Captured in and around the Heimolen crematorium in St. Niklaas (Belgium), the symbolic architecture of the building reflects on moments of loss, acceptance and finding relief. These moments often seem to flow into each other and therefore raising the question whether this takes place in past, present or near future.


Based in Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss has shot, directed and edited a number of award-winning music videos, short, feature and documentary films, which have been screened at various international festivals or distributed online. He created a number of hit music videos like “Senior Living” for the Norwegian band Röyksopp which was selected for the prestigious Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes and received a nomination at the UK Music Video Awards.

The Irish filmmaker and videographer Neil Dowling is a keen people watcher with a vivid imagination. “Finding Joy” a feature film that he wrote and directed has been screened in numerous international film festivals and was awarded Best Feature Film (Narrative) at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival in 2013. He has recently worked for Samsung, a promo film shot in and around Leh, in the province of Ladakh, Northern India.

Tal Granot, born 1987, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her works mostly combine both digital and handwork, in which she observes narratives of human habitats and architecture. Graduated with honor from the Bezalel Academy for Art & Design, Jerusalem (2012). Participated at the “Art Architecture Arad” residency program, Arad, Israel (2015). Chosen recent exhibitions: Half Life (t1/2), Third Floor on the Left, Tel Aviv, Israel (2018), Outside the box, Super+Cerntercourt, Munich, Germany (2016), Women Resources, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad, Israel (2016), Thousand Islands, Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (2016).

Arianna Lodeserto: PhD in in Aesthetics at La Sorbonne (with a thesis about the concept of the dialektisches Bild) I did postdoctoral researches in Media Archeology and history of Urbanism at Paris IV, ENSA Malaquais and LIRA (Sorbonne Nouvelle). I studied analogue photography in a public school of Rome, editing in Saint Denis and Documentary Writing at ENS Louis-Lumière and I recently worked as documentary editor at YouDoc (Rome). Often exploring different media, I am passionate about urbanism, third landscape, found footage and experimental documentaries. My first short film, Thirty-seven movies for a home (part of Towards a Counter History of Italian Cinema), was presented the Locarno Film Festival, 70 Edition (Film Criticism in Motion), The Milano Film Festival and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, selected in Germany, Italy, Mexico and Portugal and shown in Parma University and NYU-Cinema Studies.

Tatevik Vardanyan is an Armenian­British artist whose images explore the relationship between people and place. Born in the former Soviet Union, grew up in the newly formed independent Armenia and currently based in London. Since she started her photography career she has produced both personal and editorial work which have been published in local and international magazines. Her Soviet Architecture photo project called “Panels” have been exhibited in France and the United Kingdom last year. In addition, Tatevik had been giving photography classes at the TUMO centre in Yerevan for many years. After participating in filmmaking workshops in Yerevan and Budapest, Tatevik had been working on her first documentary short. She has always had a fascination with SovietArchitecture, what many people thought was ugly, to her was beautiful with the squares, circles and uniform geometric patterns creating strong visual statements in the landscape. There are so many stories in these buildings and 16th District in Yerevan is no exception, certainly the one place where over 27 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union the legacy of its rule is still resonating in the minds and eyes of its many residents.

Kay Hannahan is a documentary filmmaker based in Budapest. Her work explores the ways political histories transform everyday life. Her short films Altimir and Yordan have screened at over 30 festivals around the world including The U.S. National Gallery of Art, Docudays UA, DocAviv, and Ethnografilm. Kay holds an MFA in Film & Media Arts from Temple University and a BA in Anthropology from Concordia University Montreal. She is currently a Fulbright filmmaking fellow in Hungary and enjoys almond croissants, news programs, and fine Bulgarian moonshine – in no particular order.

Simone Hooymans (born 1974 in the Netherlands) is an artist who works with drawing and animation. She has shown her animations on international filmfestivals and won several awards. Simone is known for her hand colored ink drawings combined with 3D computer technique, and her naive style and atmospheric landscapes.

Firas El Hallak is a video artist and filmmaker based in Beirut. He earned an Ma is Visual and Scenic Arts from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. He has directed and produced several short films, documentaries and music videos. The groundwork for his research is the duality of surveillance and memory and the possibilities offered by video.

Michael Lyons (Canada, U.K.) is a researcher and artist based in Kyoto, Japan. His short films have screened at numerous festivals and exhibitions around the world. He is currently Professor of Image Arts and Science at Ritsumeikan University.