The Experimental City is a documentary about the Minnesota Experimental City project, a futuristic attempt to solve urban problems by creating a full-size city from scratch in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota. At the heart of the story is renowned scientist, inventor and comic-strip author Athelstan Spilhaus, who dreams of a new kind of planned city – a truly experimental city that continuously changes to find workable urban solutions. This new city would employ the newest technologies in communications, transport, pollution control, energy supply – even large-scale domed enclosure – in an attempt to create more livable cities for the 21st Century.

Chad Freidrichs is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, who has directed and produced four feature-length documentary films. He is proficient in all aspects of documentary production, performing most roles during the course of his films, with specialization in editing and post-production. His third film, The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, was recognized with the International Documentary Association’s 2011 ABCNEWS VideoSource award for archival footage usage, the American Historical Association’s prestigious 2012 O’Conner Film Award for outstanding interpretation of history, and the Organization of American Historians’ 2012 Erik Barnouw Film Award. It was praised by Variety as “an uncommonly artful example of cinematic journalism” and ArtForum as “an intelligent meditation on the decline of American cities.”
Freidrichs has fulfilled every production task on his documentaries except music production, serving as the lead producer; director; editor; co-writer; cinematographer; colorist; visual effects artist; sound editor, designer and mixer; and even performing most of the high-definition 16mm film scans in his home office. He is currently distributing The Experimental City, a documentary about an attempt to build a futuristic city in 1960’s Minnesota, while freelancing as a finishing editor, helping other filmmakers complete their films.