The documentary takes viewers on a journey across four continents to explore the inventive ways in which people are constructing their homes. Bertram visits locations where inhabitants are faced with extreme social, economic and environmental challenges, from a shanty town on a lagoon in Lagos to a six square metre dwelling in Tokyo; and a refugee camp outside Mosul. The Human Shelter is about what people value or “need” in their lives, and finally what makes people feel at home. An important study, that any architect would be foolish not to cultivate.

Boris Benjamin Bertram is a filmmaker, director, producer and partner in Good Company Pictures. Educated at the National Film School of Denmark as a documentary director in 2005. He is the creator of award-­winning , international documentaries, sold to more than 25 countries and furthermore he has made a variety of documentaries for the National Danish Television DR1 and TV2. On top of that he has a graduate degree in social psychology and communication.