Welcome to Longyearbyen, the northernmost human settlement in the world. Situated 300 miles from the North Pole, this is a community with an unforgiving climate, dreary isolation and an uncertain economic future, who are still dedicated to preserving the land they call home. Meet Pastor Leif or coal miner Linda. Take a sip of “Polar Beer”—the local brew. Then take a boat to meet Sasha, the only resident and sole guardian of Pyramiden, a frozen museum to the Soviet Union. This cold life takes a look at these colorful characters who choose to live in a place, where polar bears outnumber humans. .

Darren Mann is an award-winning Director/Writer/Editor and founder of Mann-made Pictures. Darren’s passion for human behavior and real characters is at the very heart of his films. He studied filmmaking at Emerson College in Boston, and currently lives in the beachside town of Santa Monica with a cranky hairless cat.