Tomas Koolhaas, son of notorious Rem Koolhaas is documenting his father’s working methods, philosophy and internal landscape, from a never seen perspective of intimacy and immediacy. This perspective allows the viewer to understand his ideas in a way they couldn’t otherwise, having the feel of being „inside” his head. These ideas are not merely explained as intellectual concepts but the viewer also sees these ideas in practice – the reality on the ground. They see how these ideas come to fruition in concrete and metal. The film shows how these structures – some massive and some small-dotted all around the globe – affect every aspect of the lives of the people that build them, use them and live inside them.

Tomas Koolhaas was born and raised in London. He worked for Tank Magazine and MTV UK before moving to Los Angeles and enrolling to a film school. After that, he worked in Hollywood for 10 years as a cinematographer, shooting projects of all genres and styles such as shorts, music videos, commercials, and documentaries. Koolhaas, while continuing to shoot various film projects, is also focusing on other areas: he has written two fiction novels.