Organized by the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, the festival’s mission is to present an overview of architectural issues currently affecting the world, the region, and Hungary. Furthermore, it serves as a meeting point for architects, film lovers, and everyone else interested in the festival. The organizers believe architecture and urban development are common causes, hence the goal of the carefully-selected program is to initiate a dialogue about the built and unbuilt environment and to encourage the audience to reflect and act.

Organizers |Kovács Léna, Soóki-Tóth Anna, Kuklis Tibor, Puskás Levente, Mezei Bernát
Curator | Köves Bálint, Polyák Levente
Communication | Laura Sütöri / Balka
Graphic design Réka Lantos
Festival catalogue proofreading, translation | Réka Kovács / rekkova.hu/en/
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Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre
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Full price: 2500 HUF
Student discount: 1500 HUF
Festival pass (valid for 6 different films): 10500 HUF

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Tickets are availabe in advance starting with the 23rd of February: online on Toldi Cinema’s website (in Hungarian) and offline in the cinema (the cashier opens half an hour before the first screening every day).
Only a limited number of tickets is available.

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