Good Life lets you in behind the curtain of a co-living start-up that inspires its tenants to run their entire life as a business operation. What happens when corporate storytelling becomes part of one’s innermost self and community becomes a commodity? The film explores the narrative of technological innovation, its social and political implications by documenting a selection of entrepreneurs in their 30s of a tech start-up scene. Their companies try to reinforce entrepreneurship itself as a main mode of operation in contemporary and future society. Good Life explores questions about entrepreneurial visions of the self, the production of knowledge together across seemingly irreconcilable political positions and the possibility of a critical analysis of people whose worldview is radically different.

Budapest150: How to avoid the commodification of communities and social relationships?


Marta Dauliūtė
is co-founder and owner of MDEMC, film production company, together with film director and producer Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall. She is co-organizer of Noncitizen, a nomadic film project as well as 24 hours Crisis (2014) and Visa (2013) film festivals. In 2012–2014 she chaired the Swedish Independent Filmmakers Association. She works as dramaturg and supervisor of film projects and has taught film directing and acting for film at Royal Institute of Art, Valand Art Academy, Malmö Theater Academy.

Viktorija Šiaulytė
is an independent curator and producer working in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, and film. Since 2013 she is researcher and coordinator for the project Zooetics, organized by Jutempus Interdisciplinary Art Program in Vilnius, Lithuania. Together with filmmakers Marta Dauliūtė and Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall she co-founded Last Project, a platform for new ways of working with audience engagement through long term collaborative productions.