A city of steel that’s causing a lot of talk in the neighbourhood. Japanese houses designed by their future buyers. A building site in kit form entrusted to students. In Charleroi, Liège and Brussels, three architects and a handful of utopist inhabitants will put their housing ideals into practice. Just out of May 68, they want to demonstrate the revolutionary potential of industrialised architecture. A human and architectural adventure that has been driving them for more than 40 years… What remains today of their houses of tomorrow?

Budapest150: What remains of communities, participation and the architectural utopias of late modernism?


Élodie Degavre is an architect, teacher, photographer, author and director and lives in Brussels. Passionate about her profession, which she does not hesitate to decline in various forms, she has been teaching architecture projects at ULB since 2006 and in 2018 led a research project at UCL on the theme of housing. She worked as a practicing architect for more than thirteen years, on public worksites, on behalf of several Brussels offices, including V+ and a practice. With Life assembled (La vie en kit), she takes a further step towards the public by making a documentary. She thus reconnects with her intuitive love for writing and for the image, which she has nurtured by an assiduous practice of photography since childhood, and by participation in fiction writing workshops.