The film is part of a series of documentaries called “City Portrait / Temporary Cities”, filmed by ZimmerFrei in very limited areas or single spots within large cities that are in the course of a changing process. The film is dedicated to the District 8 of Budapest, a popular neighbourhood where a major restructuring started in 2006 with displacements of inhabitants, demolitions and constructions but suddenly stopped in 2008 with the global economic crisis. The film depicts empty spaces with no defined destination, a mosaic of fractures in the urban fabric. What to do with these public and private spaces of non-use? The film ventures into the desert lots, yards and homes to find out how the inhabitants transform the common areas and the face of their own city.

How have our neighbourhoods changed in the past decades?


ZimmerFrei is an artists’ collective founded in Bologna by Massimo Carozzi, Anna de Manincor and Anna Rispoli in 2000. ZimmerFrei artistic practice ranges from video art to documentary films, sound and environmental installations, as well as photography, performances, workshops and public art projects. Mixing formal languages, ZimmerFrei produces kaleidoscopic, sonic, and visual works that investigate real and imaginary urban environments, exploring the boundaries between public spaces and private territory.

Their other films in previous festival editions are Hometown Mutonia and Almost Nothing – CERN Experimental City.