An audio-visual essay which reflects upon & compares metro systems around the world through New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Vienna, Tokyo and Hong Kong. An exploration of a world inside a world, as well as feelings, fascination, obsession, fear and themes – of survival, control & silence. Subway systems indicate that a city not only has a high population density but a heap of cultures. It is a highly vulnerable system that supports an expansive, rhizomatic city. One could imagine this system as a network of nerves that, when severed, could paralyse the workflow of an entire region.

Budapest150: How has the evolution of the Budapest metro system transformed the city?


Timo Novotny
studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He is the co-founder and a member of Vidok or Sofa Surfers. He lives and works in the Austrian capital. His films have been included in various exhibitions and festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand, Mexico City, Sarajevo, New York and Montreal.