Twice upon a time
2013, 9 mins, color, Germany (with English subtitles)
Evy Schubert
The short film is set in the former communist memorial Buzludzha in the Bulgarian Balkan Mountains. It explores memory as a psychological and political phenomenon and reflects the personal mechanism of memorization, trying to find out which memories have the strength to remain over time – and why they have the power to do so. A sensible film about a building that is completely falling apart and that now only resembles the former glory and devotion of a certain presence in the past it had been once.

What remains
2013, 16 mins, color, Netherlands (with English subtitles)
Annja Krautgasser
The offices of the most important Dutch newspapers „De Volkskrant” round Wibautstraat in Amsterdam have been abandoned for new-build premises on the periphery of the city. One of the editors explains how civil organizations and artists occupied the space – and the images speak for themselves.

After Vegas
2012, 21 mins, color, France (in English)
D: Laurence Bonvin and Stéphane Degoutin

Las Vegas is one of the cities which suffered the most of the crisis in the US. The film describes this ruin of the present time, with its crumbling up residential districts, stopped constructions sites, suspended landscapes, idle suburbs, tunnels inhabited by homeless persons.

Why don’t we change?
2013, 18 mins, color, Portugal (with English subtitles)
D: João Couto C.

The rehabilitation of a house, well lived, full of memories and scars left by those who inhabited it: a thought flowing as a monologue that can easily become a dialogue with those who listen. The film happens at the rhythm of a thought – we know where it comes from, it only simply happens.

2012, 2 mins, color, New Zealand
D: Thomas Gleeson
We often think of houses as strong, solid, permanent things. In fact they can be weak, fragile and as this film shows, mobile. What is it that makes a house a home? What gives it its strength? Much-praised short film revealing the essential difference between a house and a home.

We still remember
2013, 19 mins, color, Mexico (Spanish with English subtitles)
D: Mariano Rentería Garnica

A spoken portrait of the world of cinema in a city of the past, a journey through the eyes of the elderly and their memories of a time when movie theaters were a part of the urban landscape. Along with these reminiscences, we travel to the present, with people who maintain this cult of the image, of cinema.

The big rot
2013, 9 mins, color, Germany (with English subtitles)
D: Susann Maria Hempel

The film is a farewell to the theatre of Greiz, the former cultural centre of a shrinking city in East Germany. The building´s destruction was transferred into the documenting medium itself: 120 slide films had pictured different phases like dilapidation, emptying and demolition. The slides were also destructed with methods like bleaching, burning and corroding: while the theatre decomposes bit by bit, the pictures of its demolition vanish as well.

2013, 6 mins, color, Portugal
D: Pedro Miguel Santos
A hypothetical trip through the city of Oporto in 2054, the film is a visual experience that tries to show the dangers of recent evolutions in the Portuguese society. Beginning in the present, and somewhere in a forest of northern Portugal, the film travels into the future through places of a sterile Oporto, until finally revealing that life is in the most unexpected place.